Travel firm Hayes & Jarvis has launched a new interactive map that features all the hotspots of Australian marine life, and where are the best areas to see some of the various animals in Australia’s waters.

The map features a host of species subdivided into five main groups:

  • Whales: Includes the humpback, southern right whale, blue whale, and sperm whale amongst others.
  • Turtles: Species on the map include Olive Ridley, Green, hawksbill, and leatherback turtle as well as the flatback turtle.
  • Sharks: The map covers a wide range of sharks including, tiger, thresher, port Jackson, whale, amongst others.
  • Dugong: The map shows the three or four locations around Australia where you can spot the elusive dugong.
  • Dolphins: The map includes various dolphin species in Australian waters including, common bottlenose, spinner, and Australian humpback.

The map also highlights what can be seen from major cities in Australia, covering Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, and Melbourne.

You can find the new interactive map here.

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