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New Book Chronicles Author’s Quest To Conquer Fear Of Sharks

A new book came out last week that chronicles the author’s quest to overcome her fear of sharks.

We Swim to the Shark” is a debut travel/nature and diving memoir about Georgie Codd’s experiences attempting to find whale sharks to conquer her fear of sharks. Her story takes her from Mexico to Tanzania to New Zealand and Thailand as well as to the heart of fear and phobia and she interrogates fear and uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and sheer determination to tackle hers head on.

First-time author Georgie Codd was really scared of fish. Really, really scared. Even on dry land there was no escape: She would see sharks in the dining room, squid tentacles in the street; and had nightmares of being stranded at sea.

Her grandmother, who spent her life beside the water, never so much as paddled in it. Anxious that her own fear could last a lifetime, in the book Codd plots to travel to Thailand, learn to dive, and swim with the biggest fish in the world: the mighty, massive whale shark.

Quitting her job and the trappings of home, she plunges into a realm of strange creatures, hidden depths and intrepid diving adventurers. But as Georgie’s quest expands across the oceans, the shark remains elusive, and everything else starts to fall apart around her.

If you live in the USA, the book retails for US$20.05 and you can order online here. If you’re in the U.K., it retails for £10.49 and you can order here.

Georgie Codd's 'We Swim To The Shark'
Georgie Codd’s ‘We Swim To The Shark’
John Liang
John Liang
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