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New Introductory Freediving eBook Released

A brand new Freediving eBook has been released on iTunes today.  “Freediving” is an easy to read, beginners guide, ebook available for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch and Mac’s that was developed by AIDA President Kimmo Lahtinen as well as Simo Kurra and Ari Nissinen.  It has been developed from the original Finnish version.

Kimmo Lahtinen recently spoke to about the book:

The origins of this book go back to a freediving education. We started to write the book back in 2005 as we felt that there was a gap in education materials – there was no single, comprehensive, entry-level source for explaining the freediving basics properly. Of course, primary focus is to teach these things during a freediving course, but we wanted something that for divers who got the “diving bug” they could practice freediving safely after few hours reading. We aimed to balance the book structure that it would explain the basics of freediving in a way that it would be easy to understand. There is a heavy emphasis was also put on promoting a kind of freediving culture that revolves around having fun, being at ease in water, understanding what you do and above all, being safe. There were other books at the time, most notably “Manual of Freediving”, which I think is a great book, but we felt it was a bit different in scope that we wanted to present.

“Freediving” is 159 pages long, costs €19.99 EUR /$22 USD and is available on the iTunes store to download.

Freediving eBook

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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