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Review Extra: Divebud – Acoustic Freediving Computer


With advancements in Technology and the rapid growth of Freediving as both a recreation and competitive sport, Dive Computers are now integrated with advanced “freediving” specific features.

Divebud is at the forefront of this technology. The Australian-based grassroots company is owned by Freedivers and established for Freedivers. They have applied their years of professional experience to create a device that is compact, reliable, user-friendly, and “hands-free.” Their vision is to support the most critical element of Freediving…Safety.

Walid Boudhiaf wearing the Divebud
Walid Boudhiaf wearing the Divebud

Designed to be placed inside a dive hood or worn with a clip on the mask strap, this 0.150kg “bone conductive” device enables minimal distraction to the diver. Because of its lightweight, the company emphasizes the importance of utilizing the included lanyard inside the hood so as not to lose it.

Divebud founders believe “your data belongs to you” with a storage capacity of up to 50 dive logs directly on the device and “unlimited” storage via the free IOS and Android Divebud apps.

They have all but eliminated the Freediving variable concerns associated with checking traditional wrist-worn Computers such as:

  • Reduced visibility below 10m (especially in lakes and freshwater springs)
  • Breaking Streamline posture necessary for a proper glide in freefall and dynamic
  • Disciplines requiring the use of hands (i.e. No Fins and Free Immersion)

Alarm Features

Up to 20 Ascending and Descending depth alarms and six different sounds (vibration model available) can be customized to support practically every desired alert, with more features currently in development.

  • Surface Interval (AIDA Standards)
  • Neutral Buoyancy
  • Mouth Fill and Freefall
  • Hang at Depth
  • Ascent Intervals
  • Positive Buoyancy Point
  • Total Dive Time
  • Time-based (For pool training i.e. lap time and kick cadence)
Freediving dive profile from Divebud
Freediving dive profile from Divebud

Reliability and Accuracy

Divebud comes with a custom USB-C magnetic charger (up to 6-hour battery life upon full 3-hour charge), mask mounting clip, lanyard, and case.

Developed over 6+ years, it has a maximum operational depth of 150m/45m and has been repeatedly tested to 200m+/60m+.

With a Depth Measurement Sampling rate of 2x per second, accuracy is unsurpassed.

What you get in the Divebud box
What you get in the Divebud box

Additional Features

Divebud also comes with several additional features on the freediving computer.

  • Water temperature measurements -2C/28F to 42C/108F
  • Quick switch Fresh Water to Salt Water Modes
  • Modest Price Point ($295US/E269/$436AUD)

Recommended Improvements

Like any new product to market, there is a lot of development going on with Divebud, and here are some of the recommended improvements.

  • GPS Device Tracking
  • Discipline Variable Log (i.e. Monofin to Free Immersion)
  • Sensory Alerts (i.e. lactic acid upon Ascent)
  • Vocal Signal Options
  • Heart Rate Alerts

Personal Thoughts

For many, Freediving’s appeal is the need for minimal equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience. Being the Founder of 321Freedive, and having trained with and served alongside some of the best Freedivers in the world, I carefully research and set my standards high when choosing equipment. The beauty of Divebud, is how it can be utilized by Elite and Novice Divers equally for both accuracy in training and, more importantly, safety.

NOTE: Freediving World Record Holders currently utilize divebud technology, and is under consideration as a collaborative tool in Research & Development to better understand DCI (decompression illness) and Freediving related Barotrauma.

Key Features

  • Wireless control of your diving plan right from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.
  • Up to 20 ascending and descending depth alarms with optional time conditions.
  • The depth measurement sampling rate is two times per second.
  • Up to 50 diving logs are stored on the device. Unlimited diving logs can be stored on your phone/tablet.
  • Six different sound types.
  • Provides feedback on surface intervals.
  • Special alarms for hang dives.
  • Repeated time-based alarms for pool training.
  • Total dive time alarm for additional safety.
  • Rechargeable battery with USB-C charger.
  • Freshwater and saltwater modes. Allows water type switching after the dive.
  • Temperature tracking in the range of -2 to +42 Celsius with 0.1 C precision.
  • The maximum operational depth is 150 meters.


  • $295 USD / €269 EUR / $436 AUD

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Freediving computer with acoustic feedback - DiveBud. Freediving computer with acoustic feedback - DiveBud.

Divebud is a freediving computer with acoustic feedback for freedivers, spearfishers, underwater photographers and professional athletes.


Divebud - Acoustic Freediving Computer


This is an innovative product designed by freedivers for freedivers. A lot of thought and care has gone into it with some fantastic features designed for both professional athletes as well as novice divers.
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan is the Founder of 321Freedive and creator of the 1st Freediving specific Conference in North America. Her passion for the gift in Freediving has led her to create Events and Outreach programs which consistently support safety centered educational opportunities.





This is an innovative product designed by freedivers for freedivers. A lot of thought and care has gone into it with some fantastic features designed for both professional athletes as well as novice divers. Review Extra: Divebud - Acoustic Freediving Computer