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Review Extra: Dragon SLS BCD by Mares

I have dived various Mares BCDs over the years, and the Dragon SLS has to be one of the most comfortable. This is, in part, down to the wide padded shoulder straps and the richly cushioned back pad, which help support and distribute the weight of the cylinder.

The jacket-style BCD wraps around you so much, it almost gives you ‘a hug’, but this makes you feel very secure and stable in its embrace, and both on land and in the water, there is minimal tank movement.

The Dragon SLS BCD by Mares
The Dragon SLS BCD by Mares

The ‘Dragon’ winglets nestle alongside the cylinder, making the whole unit very streamlined, but also providing space for the high-lift air cell to expand.

The BCD is constructed from durable Cordura 420, which means it is not exactly lightweight – a Large weighs in at 4.5kg – but it feels very robust and able to cope with anything.

There are five stainless steel D-rings for attaching accessories, and two zippered pockets, which are not huge (the space for the integrated weight pockets intrudes somewhat), but big enough for a backup torch or a small spool. There are also metal grommets for fastening a BCD knife, and a nifty whistle integrated into the upper chest strap clip.

The SLS integrated weight system is easy to use, and once installed properly, the pockets are very secure. The lock-in-place system is very efficient – once they are ‘home’, you get a green visual confirmation to show they are correctly in-situ. The big handles do stick out a bit from the front of the jacket, but on the flipside, are easy to grab hold of when you need to jettison the weight pockets. There are also two non-dumpable trim pockets cleverly hidden from sight under the Dragon winglets.

The Dragon SLS BCD by Mares
The Dragon SLS BCD by Mares

The pull dump toggles are chunky and easy to locate and use even wearing thick gloves, and the dump valves are efficient, venting rapidly when necessary. A worthy addition to the Mares BCD range.

Technical Specs

  • RRP: Loop 15X $579 / £339
  • Available Sizes – XS, S, M, L and XL
  • Back Plate Type – Full padded rigid
  • Female Specific Fit – No
  • Floatation Type – All round lift
  • Integrated Weights – Yes
  • Quick Release Buckles – Yes
  • Side Pockets – Yes
  • Single Pouch Capacity (kg) – 6
  • Single Trim Capacity (kg) – 2
  • Style – Jacket
  • Trim Weight Pockets – Yes
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A super comfortable BCD with integrated weights. A worthy addition to the Mares BCD range.Review Extra: Dragon SLS BCD by Mares