SFU Advanced Freediver Research Project

For its fourth year in a row, Simon Fraser University in partnership with the members of Performance Freediving and the Canadian Association of Apnea (CAFA) will be running an Advanced Freediver Research Study starting Feb 11th, 2004. This program studies non or novice freedivers over a 12-week period measuring their physiological. This is done in order to aid science in understanding some of the attributes freedivers are able to develop in respects to mammalian diving reflexes and how these physiological adaptations can help the larger public.

This clinic will be conducted by Kirk Krack, President of Performance Freediving and Coach/Captain of Team Canada; Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, three time world record holder, seven time national record holder and Team Canada member and Tom Lightfoot, Team Canada member and Canadian national record holder. Dr. Andrew Blaber of the Simon Fraser University School of Kinesiology in Vancouver, Canada, will be conducting a study of participants involving the ‘Physiological Adaptations and Responses of Novice and Elite Freedivers’.

For More Information or Registration

Course Information / Registration:

Kirk Krack at [email protected] or 604-862-5868.

Research Information:

Dr. Andrew Blaber at [email protected] or 604-291-5694.