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Solomon Islands Showcases New Diving with Papatura Island Retreat


The Solomon Islands, situated in the South Pacific, offer a unique and diverse diving experience. The region is known for its vibrant coral reefs, a plethora of fish species and numerous World War II wrecks. The islands hold much history below and above the surface.

Papatura Island Retreat, which recently began dive operations, is actively exploring new dive sites. They have identified many new dive sites with beautiful walls, dropoffs, caverns and unchartered wrecks. The retreat, located on Isabel Island, provides accommodation in five bungalows for up to 15 guests, offering an intimate and exclusive experience. It’s accessible by a quick domestic flight.

The Solomon Islands can be reached through two international airports, only a 3-hour flight from Fiji and Brisbane, Australia. Fiji Airlines and Solomon Airlines service these airports. Munda, in the western province, recently reopened with an upgraded international terminal, making it more accessible for those seeking the popular dive areas.

In addition to Papatura Island Retreat, there are other land-based dive operations such as Dive Gizo, Tulagi Dive and Uepi Island Resort.

For those interested in liveaboard experiences, Bilkiki Cruises and Solomons Master offer trips through the islands, providing access to more remote and varied dive sites.

The Dive Operators of the Solomon Islands (DOSI) have formed and established a constitution committing to the highest international standards of conservation efforts, safety, and responsibility in their dive operations. This ensures that visitors can enjoy the breathtaking underwater world while contributing to the preservation of the marine environment.

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Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola is a journalist, visual storyteller and award-winning underwater photographer specializing in marine life, conservation and dive travel. A dive pro for 10+ years and an avid freediver, she started diving in San Diego, CA, and traversed the globe until landing in Miami. She holds a master's in Marine Conservation and works extensively documenting research, mostly with sharks and rays, and even has an individual manta ray named after her. Above water, she is generally on a gastronomic adventure or hiking for a view of our blue planet.