Southeast Spearing Expectations

With spring fast approaching the anticipation of us Southeast spearos is growing. The current water temperatures are ranging anywhere from the low 40’s as you move upwards of the North Carolina coast to the high fifties and beyond as you hit Florida and creep farther south. For us here along the South Carolina coast our waters are right at a chilly 53 degrees. Assuming mother nature treats us fairly and brings warmer weather on time, the water should be up in the low sixties by the end of March. Which with hope should drive fish such as Sheephead, Flounder, Redfish, Black Drum, etc back to their usual inshore haunts after their short stay at our numerous nearshore reefs and live bottom. The Grouper and Snapper are still active in the shallower water (our shallow offshore water here is around 50 to 60 feet). As the temperatures increase we should see a steady increase of mullet and menhaden filtering back up the coast and into our bays, harbors, and sounds. Along with the annual spring migration of bait is our highly prized pelagic fish!

Hold on to your hoods and keep your heart rates down folks as this mild winter is sure to bring the fish in sooner than expected.

Dive Safe and Dive Smart.

John Fuss