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Scientist Figures Out How To Accelerate Coral Growth

With coral populations dying off at alarming rates, one scientist has figured out a way to accelerate their growth, potentially giving them a new lease on life.

NOAA Celebrates Corals Week

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this week is highlighting the importance of maintaining the health of coral reefs.

Great Barrier Reef Recovering Better Than Anticipated

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is showing better-than-expected signs of recovery after a recent mass coral bleaching.

Colombian Coral Reef Offers A Ray Of Hope To Others

A Colombian reef may hold the secret to how reefs can survive in very challenging conditions.

Local Divers Help Monitor Coral Reefs Off U.S. Virgin Islands

Local divers in the U.S. Virgin Islands are helping monitor the beautiful coral reefs offshore, giving scientists valuable data that would otherwise be expensive...

Volunteer Divers Prep Restored Grand Cayman Coral Reef For Upcoming Hot...

Some restored coral off Grand Cayman is getting primped and beautified for an upcoming hot date.Dive volunteers are carefully combing and brushing a section...
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