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Freediving and Biomimetic Propulsion

Editors Note: Due to a significant dis-agreement with Ted Ciamillo over non-payment of invoices owed to DeeperBlue.com and subsequent legal threats on his behalf...

10 Days With The Evil Genius of Freediving – Part 2

You can read Part 1 of "10 Days With The Evil Genius of Freediving" hereRecently I spent 10 days trapped in the lair of...

10 Days With The Evil Genius of Freediving – Part 1

Recently I spent 10 days trapped in the lair of the evil genius Ron Smith at Smith Aerospace Corp in Sahuarita, Arizona (yes, that...

6 Reasons Why Growing Up At Kids Sea Camp Has Changed...

By Robbie Peyton 1. I loved growing up traveling with Kids Sea Camps! It kept me far away from TV and video games for most of...

Pelagic Magic On The Red Sea Aggressor

After a ten-year hiatus, the Aggressor Fleet is back in the Egyptian Red Sea. Sport Diver Editor Mark Evans joined the vessel for a trip out to the Brothers, Daedalous and Elphinstone - and was not disappointed

Safe Freediving Practices = More Fish in the Cooler

I’ve been encouraging spearos to dive safer since 2009. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of arguments against safe freediving practices. Let’s list...

GoPro HERO4 Q&A With Sport Chalet Expert Trainer Donn Silvis

GoPro's HERO4 extreme sports video camera line was recently announced with a plethora of new features. But what do these developments really mean for...

Underwater Metal Detecting Brings Lost Antiques to the Surface

Old Spanish coins, Byzantine-era anchors, modern-day wedding rings: some fascinating items have been recovered from watery burials. True, treasure-hunting with a metal detector is...

Top 5 Places to Dive in South East Asia

South East Asia boasts some of the world’s most outstanding dive sites. While plenty stick to snorkeling here in the shallow, calm waters, many...

Yoga for Scuba Divers

Budding scuba divers, or even old timers that sometimes go into meltdown just before entering the water can experience difficulty breathing during an entire...

Review: One Breath

Kelli Roderick debuts with a review of the one book stirring the FreeDiving world.

A shark, a woman.. and a growing dream

Writer Jeff Ayliffe talks to Lesley Rochat, a shark conservationalist in South Africa, and tells her amazing story

The Dummies Guide to Spearfishing

So you have decided to join the ranks of those who spear for their own supper! DeeperBlue.com Forum Mentor "Miles" gives some of his experience to newbie spearos.

Dancing with Demons – The Giant Humboldt Squid

Writer and DeeperBlue.com Contributor Scott Cassell writes about his extraordinary diving experiences with giant Humbolt Squid, down in Baja California. Jules Verne was right after all...
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