UK National Freediving Championships Announced

The British Freediving Association has announced that the 2012 UK National Pool competition will take place on 10th and 11th March 2012 at the Great Northern competition held at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre, Wavertree (UK).

The 2011 competition saw Liv Philip (UK) and Dave King (UK) set new National Freediving records for Dynamic (DYN) and Dynamic No Fins (DNF) disciplines.

The 2012 competition has been enhanced to invite non-UK residents who excel at Dynamic No Fins and Dynamic to join the event and set new National Records.

For those interested in attending but not competing, there will be a free viewing gallery available.  A call has also been put out for volunteers to help make the event a success.

You can find out more and enroll at the Freedivers UK website.


  1. Everyone is welcome, home and abroad. Easy access from Liverpool airport and you could fly to Manchester and get over easy enough to.

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