Underwater Kinetics’ New Underwater Photo & Video Lights Now Shipping

Underwater Kinetics recently announced that the company’s new Aqualite Pro 100 and Aqualite-S 20 dive lights are now shipping to retailers.

The Aqualite Pro 100 — meant for photo/video use — features three interchangeable lamp heads with a 150-meter depth range: The first has a 100-degree wide-angle beam, the second is a 20-degree-wide spot light and the third beams a 90-degree ultraviolet light.

It sports four power settings on the back of the lamp — one-sixth, one-third, one-half and Full — as well as an SOS function.

The general-use Aqualite-S 20 model’s three lamp heads have a 100-meter depth range: One 20-degree spot light, one 90-degree wide light and a 90-degree UV light. The back of the Aqualite-S 20 sports a push-button on/off switch.

A hands-free mount allows either light to be clipped to the back of the hand or to the wrist.

For more info and to find a dealer who will quote you a price, check out the company’s website at www.uwkinetics.com.

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