Friday, January 21, 2022

Update on Oceanwomen film production


“The movie OCEANWOMEN is dedicated to those women that dare to go further. The story will portray the struggles and successes of two female freedivers that will break male records.

As an added bonus, the movie will show a young female scuba diver that will attempt to set a new World Record in Scuba: Emmy Castro, a 26 years old native of Miami, Fl., will attempt to break the current Open Circuit Scuba Female World Record, going to a depth of 700 feet. Emmy will also participate on the freediving records that will be set for this movie as the deepest safety diver.

For her record, Emmy will be coached by Pascal Bernab?, deepest safety diver and Judge for the IAFD, who will be also training to break the Male World Record in Open Circuit Scuba. She is currently training under the supervision of Audrey Mestre, Freediving World Champion. Both Emmy and Pascal’s Records are being organized by Pipin Ferreras.

Keep checking back with Deeperblue as more develops on this story.”

Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.