Saturday, January 16, 2021

USAA Announces Participation in AIDA World Championships


This year AIDA is conducting individual world championships.  The championships are divided into two competitions.  One for pool disciplines in Switzerland and one for Constant Weight in France. 

The USAA ( United States Apnea Association) is the AIDA representative to the USA.

USAA members wishing to apply for selection to the AIDA World Championships are to E-mail the USAA ( Grant  Graves)  with their request for selection.  [email protected]

Athletes must send notice no later than July 20, 2005.  Selection will be based on best performances and the athletes ability to pay their way to the competition.  USAA will not be subsidizing any expenses this year. 

Athletes wishing to compete must send in a request for consideration for selection with their complete contact information including daytime phone number.  Included in the request must be which event they would like to apply for.  There are four choices, static apnea, dynamic apnea with fins, dynamic apnea without fins, and constant weight.  Accompanying each request must be the performance being used as a qualifying performance, the date of that performance, the location of the performance. 

USAA Announces Participation in AIDA World Championships 3
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