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Video: Alenka Artnik Shatters Glass Ceiling with New 120m Freediving World Record at Vertical Blue 2021


Vertical Blue and Deans Blue Hole have always been perceived as the mecca of freediving. At the 2021 edition, a true glass ceiling was shattered when Alenka Artnik of Slovenia became the first woman to ever reach 120m Constant Weight (CWT) under her own physical power. On Day 4 of the competition, the determined Slovenian was sure of her performance.

I felt very present in the water today. On my ascent, I was very focused on technique but at the same time I just seemed to melt into the water,” said Alenka It was definitely the flow-state”.

Alenka improves upon her previous world record of 118m CWT which she set on the very first day of the competition.

As for her second WR at the comp, Alenka had this to say about her 120m CWT dive:

Diving felt amazing! Not many men can dive that deep and the number is really crazy! It’s hardcore but I was just following my progress and I knew exactly what to do and it makes me really happy.

Stay tuned as the intrepid Artnik has announced an even deeper record of 122m for Day 7.

You can watch the video of Alenka’s dive below or on YouTube.


Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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