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William Trubridge – 4th world record and National Records

Long Island, Bahamas – Breaking news!

William Trubridge has set his 4th world record in the Vertical Blue competition with a free immersion dive to 108m, improving on his world record of 107m this week. More details to follow.

Natalia Avseenko battled a current and fatigue but turned early at 41m on her 60m constant weight without fins world record attempt.

Megumi Matsumoto achieved a Japanese national record in constant weight with a dive to 64m.

Leo, unfortunately, could not recover from the gruelling attempts and blacked out again just beneath the surface on his 51m constant without fins national record attempt (USA).

Ryuzo Shinomya, trying to increase his personal best and set a new Japanese record, couldn’t quite equalize all the way and turned one metre short of his target of 105m, achieving 104m with a penalty for not retrieving the tag.

Kerian Hibbs turned early at 71m as he lost his mouth fill looking for the bottom plate.

Tomoko turned early on her dive, as well.

Frank Pernett redeemed his earlier attempt in free immersion, setting a new national record with a dive to 47m. That’s two new national records for Frank.

Stay tuned for the full wrap up of the Vertical Blue competition coming soon.


Peter Scott
Peter Scott
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