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William Trubridge Grabs His 15th Freediving World Record

Long Island, Bahamas — Dean’s Blue Hole is home to champion freediver William Trubridge and his world class event Vertical Blue. His level of comfort at this idyllic dive site has been punctuated again today as he successfully performed a free immersion dive to 121 meters, garnering him his 15th World Record in total and the fourth record for Trubridge in the discipline of FIM.

Will’s down and back roundtrip took a little over four minutes; he regaled his fans on facebook by saying “I dove to 121 meters Free Immersion this afternoon. My ears were strained slighlty to reach the plate, but i felt good coming up, and completed the dive in 4:13. Thanks to the whole team of Vertical Blue 2011 for making it such a smooth ride!

Trubridge explains in-depth what happened at depth on this world record-setting dive:

“I was fairly calm going into the dive, as I’d done a 120m dive in training in which I hit my head on the plate, and I knew if I managed to equalise it should be fine.  The descent was good, but when my second alarm went off at 115 I was already running out of air, and managed one last equalisation, before I had to ride my ears.  I heard a strange noise from the left ear, just above the plate, and worried that I had ruptured the eardrum, I quickly grabbed at a tag, but lost the line in the process.  From having done countless deep no fins dives, my first instinct was a no-fins stroke, which brought me back in contact with the line, and from there I continued to pull up it.  Sometimes problems at depth convert to problems on the surface, but in this one I managed to stay relaxed during the ascent and completed the surface protocol cleanly for a tough but welcome world record.”

DeeperBlue congratulates Will on his amazing accomplishment of not only capturing a hard fought world record, but doing it while simultaneously directing the preeminent competitive event of the season.

Trubridge by Matthew Brown

Photo courtesy of Matthew Brown

Francesca Koe
Francesca Koe
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