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World Series Freediving competition series announced

DeeperBlue.com can exclusively reveal that a new competitive series for Freediving has been launched under the brand World Series Freediving.

The World Series Freediving (WSF™) is a competition series aimed at both enthusiast Freedivers as well as for the professional Sportperson.  According to WSF they will “strive forward with a mission statement of professionalism and a philosophy of enjoyment and supportive ambitions, WSF believes competitive Freediving has been longing for a breath of fresh air and the commercial support and publicity that Freediving Competitors deserve”.

Competitions can be conducted through active and approved Freediving facilities and Active Approved Freediving Instructors can organize WSF Competitions; Facilities and instructors can gain approval by contacting WSF and going through their vetting process.

The Competitions will be based upon – Open water and Confined water Events around 10 different disciplines including Static, Dynamic and Constant Weight. Organizers will be unable to enter their own Competitions; this is a safety rule to ensure the competition has the full and undivided attention of the organizer.

WSF has commissioned a network of professional / Approved Judges and officials that are directly responsible for the Adjudication and official results process, and the organization of WSF Events.

The first event listed is the Odex-Treme Neptune Freediving Challenge at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Park (Australia) on 8th and 9th September 2012.

You can find out more about World Series Freediving on their Website.

Stephan Whelan
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