Worlds 2004: Day 4 (Preview)

Day 4 – Saturday 7th August 2004

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It’s 08:00 here in Vancouver and the first athletes are gathering getting ready to head out for Day 1 of the Constant Weight section of the competition.

Full subscribed depths for atheletes are available on the AIDA Worlds website however the first 10 divers today are:

  • Naoyuki Tominaga (JPN) – 70m
  • Sam Still (GBR) – 68m
  • Hubert Maier (GER) – 64m
  • Panos Lianos (GRE) – 62m
  • Dave King (GBR) – 61m
  • Kaz Ichikawa (JPN) – 60m
  • Matt Charlton (CAN) – 58m
  • Haico Aalderin (NED) 53m
  • Annabel Briseno (USA) – 52m
  • Suzy Kensington (NZL) – 50m

The divers have been staggered so that each successively deeper dive that has been subscribed will be on alternate days. This means that we won’t know how team are really progressing and the leaders in the field till tomorrow.

If everyone hits there target depths points have currently been calculated (courtesy of Alun George) as:


  1. Japan 205
  2. Germany 198
  3. UK 183
  4. Greece 172
  5. Canada 166
  6. Netherlands 130
  7. NZ 126
  8. US 121
  9. Mexico 109


  1. Canada 155
  2. Japan 139
  3. UK 127
  4. US 127
  5. NZ 123
  6. Germany 118
  7. Netherlands 21 (1 person "team"!)

Note: These points are purely speculative and are based on the premise that every diver will hit their target. In reality this is unlikely to happen.

Keep your eyes peeled to for breaking results.

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