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18 Years To Create “Sting No More™”


Few things are as unwelcome as a jellyfish sting. Just ask David Pence, Diving Safety Officer at the University of Hawaii. Dave is a keen kayaker. One morning he had finished his paddle and as he headed in, he walked through a small patch of shore line seaweed. When ‘whap’! He felt the familiar unwelcome sting of a tiny blue bottle Man O War.

Dave Pence, Diving Safety Officer, University of Hawaii, Sting No More, Dr. Angel Yanagihara, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, jellyfish sting treatment
Dave Pence, Diving Safety Officer at the University of Hawaii, prepping up for a scientific rebreather dive

“When it happened, I simply mechanically removed the tentacle and rinsed the area copiously,” Dave Pence said. “It continued to burn a little, and itch a lot. And in fact four days later I was rubbing the welt when Dr Angel Yanagihara stopped by my office. She asked what was wrong. When I told her what happened she promptly produced a packet of cream.” Dave was amazed that later that day his pain and itching were gone. “This stuff really works!”

Sting No More™ Mil-Spec Plus+ cream is an FDA and FTC compliant over-the-counter first aid topical pharmaceutical grade formulation developed by Dr. Angel Yanagihara. It relieves (most) jellyfish stings and it works on fire ant bites too!

Dr. Angel Yanagihara is a research professor at the University of Hawaii and has been studying the venom of box jellyfish for over 18 years. Her work has been featured in TV documentaries by Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, NOVA, BBC, and CBC. In 2014, the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists named her Scientist of the Year in Hawaii, and her discoveries are the basis for numerous patents and patents pending.

Dave Pence, Diving Safety Officer, University of Hawaii, Sting No More, Dr. Angel Yanagihara, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, jellyfish sting treatment
Research professor and avid diver, Dr. Angel Yanagihara

Dr. Yanagihara is also an avid diver and swimmer with firsthand experience of box jelly stings. Her own life-threatening encounter in 1997 prompted her interest in box jelly venoms. “I got stung, and there was no useful treatment,” said Dr. Yanagihara. “So I made it my goal to develop one.”

Sting No More™ is available on-line
Sting No More™ is available on-line

Sting No MoreTM comes as a rapid-acting spray formulation that can be used to rinse away remnant tentacles and a maximum-strength topical cream, which can provide relief from symptoms even days after the sting. The proprietary ingredient formulation is protected by multiple US and international patent filings.

Dr. Yanagihara’s Sting No More™ products are in use by military combat divers and have been used by long distance ocean swimmers including Diana Nyad and Jamie Patrick. Sting No More™ is now available to the public at certain dive shops and online.

18 Years To Create "Sting No More™" 4
Rosemary E Lunn
Rosemary is the founder of The Underwater Marketing Company, co-founder of EUROTEK and established TEKDiveUSA. Roz is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a BSAC Advanced Instructor, a rebreather and a Trimix diver. Before moving into the PR field she worked as a full time recreational instructor in the UK and abroad, on History Channel and National Geographic documentaries, as a safety diver and modelled underwater. She is a prolific freelance writer. You can find Roz on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on her blog.


  1. Hi Ros,

    I hope that all’s well with you – it’s been a while. I read the advertorial about the jellyfish cream with interest, and some concern.

    While this cream might be effective for certain species, it has not been tested on most; very importantly the deadly multi-tentacled box jellyfish which frequent tropical areas of Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and various other countries in the Asia-Pacific. Serious and deadly stings are being increasingly reported in Asia and there is a valid concern that water-users may be lulled into a potentially false sense of security by using this cream (or other similar lotions) instead of taking other known preventative measures (e.g. seeking local information, protective clothing etc).

    Some of the world’s foremost experts on jellyfish envenomation are concerned about the commercialisation and wide distribution of such products without adequate testing and warnings.


    John Lippmann
    Founder & Chairman
    Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific

  2. Hi John

    Great to hear from you and thanks for your timely reminder for everyone that preventative measures are better than treatment post jellyfish stings.

    Kind regards
    – Rosemary E Lunn

  3. Aloha John,

    There may be some confusion. The spray and cream are not preventatives but treatments. This is not “SafeSea” which does not work in our tests.

    My first recommendation is avoidance and stinger suits in areas with indo-pacific cubozoa.

    The spray contains sufficient vinegar to prohibit further discharge in all species (even physalia ) as well as other agents to prepare the skin for the pharmaceutical grade cream. The actives inhibit venom induced hemolysis of all cnidarian venoms tested (Chironex, carbydeids, Cyanea physalia etc). The results are in the patent filings and manuscripts in press.

    Best regards
    Dr. Angel Yanagihara
    Inventor and Founder Alatalab Solutions LLC
    Director Cnidaria Research Laboratoy
    University of Hawaii

  4. With all due respect, Ocean Care Solutions Jellyfish Sting Relief spray also contains sufficient levels of pharmaceutical grade glacial acetic acid (vinegar) to also prohibit further discharge in all species (including physalia) as well as other agents including synthetic skin components to reduce welting. I have followed your research and hold you and results in the highest regard but I must say, short of being a spreadable cream, our spray is and has been proven effective every bit as your cream.

    I do, wholeheartedly, agree with you that Safe Sea does not work by any measure.

    Congratulations on your research and development of of your sting relief product. I wish you and your product much success.

    Kind regards,

    Ron Adley
    Ocean Care Solutions Inc


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