If you’re in the market for a new bag for your Freediving gear or a new freediving rope, the folks at 2 B Free might have the solution.

The company’s new Long Fins Bag can fit a full set of freediving equipment (except the monofin) wherever you plan to travel.

The bag consists of a large main compartment, a separate smaller pocket and two soft handles on the side and on top.

It also sports two additional adjustable slings for carrying across your shoulder as a bag or backpack.

The Long Fins Bag is available in two colors — yellow and white. It retails for €60/~US$68.

For more info on the bag, go to 2bfreeequipment.com/shop/2-b-free-freediving-long-fins-bag-yellow.

2 B Free Long Fins Bag
2 B Free’s Long Fins Bag

2 B Free has also introduced its new, superstatic Freediving Rope.

Superstatic” means that it doesn’t stretch, which is extremely important for freedivers who need to know that if they dive to 100 meters (330 feet), the rope will accurately denote that distance.

Depending on the length of the rope (30 meters/98 feet to 250 meters/820 feet), the price ranges from €60/~US$68 to €500/~$564.

For more info on the rope, go to 2bfreeequipment.com/shop/2-b-free-freediving-rope.

2 B Free's Superstatic Freediving Rope
2 B Free’s Superstatic Freediving Rope

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