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2 New CMAS World Records Set During First Two Days At 2019 Caribbean Cup

Italian freediver Alessia Zecchini and Ukranian Nataliia Zharkova have set new CMAS World Records in challenging conditions during the first two days of the Caribbean Cup competition in Roatan, Honduras.

Zecchini dove 73m in Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF) on the first day and Zharkova dove 91m in Constant Weight Bi-Fin (CWTB) on the second day.

Uniquely the competition is hosting judges from both CMAS and AIDA federations at the same time.

The first two days have experienced strong winds and currents which have caused some challenges to athletes and delays to the competition as the organizing team take the safety of the divers into consideration.  This including stopping the competition early on day 1 and delaying the start of day 2.

2019 Caribbean Cup To Have Judges From Both AIDA And CMAS
2019 Caribbean Cup To Have Judges From Both AIDA And CMAS

Despite this, the first two days has also seen numerous National Records falling:

Day 1


  • Javeria Pinto Morales (Chile) – FIM 56m
  • Florian Burghardt (Switzerland) – CWT 65m
  • Jessea Lu (China) – FIM 70m
  • Johnathan Sunnex (New Zealand) – FIM 70m
  • Walid Boudhiaf (Tunisia) – CNF 78m
  • Enchante Gallardo (USA) – CWTB 79m


  • Anqi Lim (Singapore) – CWTB 60m
  • John Muñoz (Colombia) – CWTB 63m
  • Sofia Tapani (Sweden) – CWTB 70m
  • Sheena McNally (Canada) – FIM 82m
  • Andriy Khvetkevych (Ukraine) – FIM 92m
  • Talya Davidoff (South Africa) – CWTB 56m

Day 2


  • Pepe Salcedo (Mexico) – CWTB 83m
  • Alejandro Lemus (Mexico) – CWTB 88m
  • Alice Modolo (France) – CWT 92m
  • Daniel Koval (USA) – CWT 108m
  • Enchante Gallardo (USA) – FIM 67m
  • Jessea Lu (China) – CNF 58m
  • Shuyi Chua (Singapore) – CWTB 35m


  • Cristian Castaño Villa (Colombia) – CWTB 70m
  • Sheena Mcnally (Canada) – CWTB 78m
  • Juani Valdivia (Peru) – CWT 55m
  • Anqi Lim (Singapore) – CNF 47m

The competition continues today and tomorrow.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Feature photos courtesy of Daan Verhoeven & Laura Babahekian

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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