3rd Times a Charm for Kiwi Freediver

Wellington, NZ — On Saturday September 25, 2010 the 29-year-old Dave Mullins made history. Doing his best to mentally prepare and settle his nerves in front of judges and a huge crowd that had assembled at the Naenae Olympic Pool proved to be harder than anticipated. After two failed attempts at a record-setting dynamic swim initially, Dave Mullins pulled it out to give it a third go and found success. On his third and final attempt at the Cressi World Record Challenge Dave Mullins successfully grabbed a new freediving World Record for Dynamic completing a fantastic 265 meter swim while holding his breath for 4 minutes and :01 seconds. See his recording setting performance here on YouTube:


The Cressi World Record Challenge event will continue through the weekend as Mullins plans on a Dynamic Without Fins (DNF) dive on Monday. Dave Mullin’s ultimate goal is to surpass Herbert Nitsch’s current constant weight (CWT) world record of 124 meters. DeeperBlue readers will likely have to wait until next year in the Bahamas to see how Mullins performs in that category.