AIDA International Announce Antero Joki to Lead Nick Mevoli Accident Review

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AIDA International, the international Freediving Federation that was ratifying the dives during the recent Suunto Vertical Blue competition, has announced that their Technical Officer Antero Joki will lead the organisations investigation into Nick Mevoli’s death whilst attempting a 72m dive.

Mevoli’s death was the first fatality in 20 years of competition Freediving under AIDA rules according to a statement on the AIDA website.

“Safety is the highest objective to AIDA in both freediving education and competition, and this tragic accident is the first fatality in over 20 years of AIDA competitions.  Accordingly, I have asked AIDA Technical Officer Antero Joki to lead a review of the accident, in order to learn what we can do to prevent further serious injuries.  Working with Antero on this effort will be AIDA Medical Officer Rik Rösken, diving medical researcher Erika Shagatay, and elite freediver and physician Johan Dahlström.” said AIDA President Kimmo Lahtinen.

The Technical Officer leads the Technical Committee at AIDA and is responsible for all competition regulations and technical & safety standards (other than Educational Material).

Joki will present his review and findings to the AIDA board in early 2014 and communication around the review will occur in February 2014.

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