AIDA Team World Championship 2008 Judge selection

The judgesfor the AIDA Team World Championship in Sharm, Egypt, 2008 have been selected.

BillStrömberg, Sweden, 30 votes (Judge President)
Grant W. Graves, USA, 24 votes (Judge Vice President)
Kimmo Lahtinen, Finland, 23 votes
Marcello de Matteis, Italy, 23 votes
Ute Geßmann, Germany, 16 votes
Susan Kluytmans, Netherlands, 15 votes

Panagiota Balanou, Greece, 11 votes  (first reserve)

Gabriela Contreras, Venezuela, 9 votes
Mouna Ghossoub, Lebanon, 9 votes
Melita Adany, Croatian, 6 votes
Fran Rose, New Zealand, 6 votes
Marco Melileo, Italy, 5 votes
Petar Bojovic, Serbia, 4 votes
Aleksander Karjuk, Serbia, 2 votes

These werevoted during the last AIDA Assembly.

Thecompetition will take place from 1st to 12th of September.  More information from the WC Website: