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AIDA World Championships Bahamas – Results

The results of the 2009 AIDA World Freediving Championships are available on the official website:

The predicted winners of the Gold Medals in the Constant Weight category were favourites Austrian Herbert Nitsch, currently the world’s deepest man and 25 time world record holder in all 7 different freediving disciplines, and Russian Natalia Molchanova, holder of 25 world records and the first woman to reach over 100 metres successfully in a Constant Weight dive.  Nitsch’s Gold Medal was received on the basis of his dive to 114 metres and Molchanova’s dive to 97 metres. New Zealander William Trubridge who was also hosting this event with Vertical Blue, took a gold medal in the Constant Weight No Fins category achieving a dive of -90 metres deep.

Trailing behind these gold medals closely were Sara Campbell (UK), finishing a Constant Weight dive to 92 metres and receiving a Silver Medal. News reports say that Miss Campbell bailed out from further competition due to loss of motivation for challenging Russian rival Natalia Molchanova however in a Press Release received from Campbell she said “That was an amazing dive, extremely easy for me and I kind of wish I’d announced deeper for a Record. The same dive normally takes me over 20 seconds longer than today. It’s incredibly motivating looking forward and I’m looking forward to challenging for the World Record again in the near future.”

Alexey Molchanov won a Silver Medal for his stunning performance in a Constant Weight dive to 111 metres.

See the Vertical Blue website for the full report and results from all the upcoming freediving athletes.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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