Alexey Molchanov Takes Continental No-Fins Record

On day two of the Russian National Open at the Blue Hole in Dahab Alexey Molchanov struck a thunderous chord still rippling across the globe. The highly-praised freediver from Russia ousted a Canadian and a Frenchman upon ascent from his latest Continental record-setting No-Fins dive. Alexey Molchanov successfully swam down and back from 90 meters on a single breath using nothing but his his and feet to propel him — increasing his depth by an astounding five meters from the day before. Surfacing after 3 minutes and :45 seconds, this new CNF achievement places Alexey directly second in line to the no-fins throne of William Trubridge, (albeit a menacing 11 meters away.)

I was very happy with my dive,” shared Alexey “I felt good but it was not easy, but I like it that way!

DeeperBlue offers hearty congratulations to Alexey on his smashing new no-fins record.

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Alexey Molchanov Takes Continental No-Fins Record 1

Photo © Francesca Koe.