Sascha Schulz

Loic Leferme dead at 36

French diver Loic Leferme, former holder of the world record for free diving, has died in training, rescue officials said on Wednesday. Leferme, 36, was training off Villefranche-sur-Mer, near the...

Gary Hall and sister attacked by Shark in Florida

Florida Keys, USA. Swimming champion Gary Hall's sister, Bebe, was bitten on the arm by a Black-tip Reefshark while the two were spearfishing in the Florida Keys. After Gary held off...

Man bitten by Shark while Scuba Diving

Perth, Australia A scuba diver was bitten on the elbow by a shark believed to be a 3.5m Great White at City Beach, in Perth, Western Australia. The injuries are...

Woman Dies After Shark Attack

Brisban, Australia. A woman in her early 20s'died at Princess Alexander Hospital earlier this evening after being bitten by a shark. The attack occured on North Stradbroke Island. The island is...

South African Man Spears Himself

Buffels Bay, South Africa. In a freak incident a 33yr old man speared himself with his own speargun. The shaft entered the right side of the chest, shattering the rib, perforating...
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