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Steve Millard

Steve Millard is a Staff Writer. When not writing he is an AIDA Instructor Trainer and member of the AIDA education committee. As Apneists UK Head Coach he trains many of the up and coming new Freediving talent in the UK. He has also run all of the UK National pool and depth championships since 2010. Head to and for more details.

Profile: Mateusz “Matt” Malina

We continue our profiles of world-class freedivers, here we find out more about the Polish World Champion Mateusz "Matt" Malina

Review Extra: Under Pressure – Diving Deeper with Human Factors

We take a look at the brand new book on diving safety by utilising Human Factors

Review: Salvimar One Freediving Computer

We take a look at the Salvimar One Freediving Computer

Review: The FreeXperience Evolution II Belt Freediving Lanyard

The evolution of Freediving over the last 10 – 15 years has been pretty ‘breath-taking’ especially in depth and competition diving. One area I’m glad we are keeping up...

Review: Diver Medic Technician Course

I wanted to share a great experience on a course I have recently attended. The course was the Diver Medic Technician course, run by Chantelle Newman. The Diver Medic Technician...

Brand New UK Consumer Dive Show This Weekend

Eventcity in Manchester gains a beach, a rock pool and the world’s biggest portable swimming pool this weekend when the first Great Northern Dive Show is held there. The event...

Review: Diving in Indonesia – The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Best Dive Spots

Check out our review of Diving in Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots

Review: Freediving — The Book of Freediving

There is a new introductory Freediving book in English on the market, we caught up and interviewed with one of the authors, Kimmo Lahtinen, to find out as much...

Glass and Water: Interview with the Author – Mark Harris

As a bit of an introduction about the author, Mark Harris is a respected International Freediver. His experience means he has the capability to dispel some of the myths,...

Is Freediving In The UK The Best In The World?

A common question I am asked by new divers….. Where is the best place you have dived in the world? It is a great question, an honest question, an inquisitive...

Rebecca Coales Extends Her British Record at Huddersfield Pool Competition

Rebecca Coales, trained by Steve Millard of the  group, managed to extend her own record from 120 metres to 134 metres distance underwater swimming doing just breast stroke...

Recap of the Great Northern Pool Competition

Chief trainer of the Aquatech Diving School in Manchester and AIDA master instructor, Steve Millard shares the results from the 2011 Great Northern Pool Competition.

The Ice is Nice: Come On In-Part II

Iceman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, continueth. He will never have to prove his courage in any other way, ever again.

The Ice is Nice: Come on In – Part I

Madman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, takes us to a place where the chosen are frozen.