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Beqa Lagoon Offering Family Fun Explorer Weeks in 2018

When it comes to kids and diving, it requires a unique planning strategy and a lot of energy.  Silvia Gogh (AKA Miss SCUBA), and Beqa Lagoon are joining forces from July 21-Aug. 4, 2018 to support a Fijian Family experience.

During Beqa Lagoon’s Family Fun Explorer Week, Miss SCUBA will be hosting kid-friendly activities above and below the water. Miss SCUBA has a remarkable reputation for making safety her priority, and then fun! As a parent and an avid diver, she orchestrates a Fijian kid program that keep kids learning while parents explore the island on their own. At the end of the day, kids and parents can exchange their favorite highlights!

During the week, youth adventurers will kayak, go on hike treks, snorkel, paddle board, and partake in Fijian cultural activities. For those that are 8 years old and above, they will have the opportunity to do a PADI Bubblemaker program in a clear, safe environment. Kids 10 and above will dive a bit deeper outside of the pool as Discover Scuba Divers. During this program, kids learn beginning Scuba Diver safety and under strict supervision will experience the world from below. For buddies who fall in love with scuba diving, Beqa Lagoon offers additional days of diving for a 25 percent discount.

A seven-night Vacation Package costs $1399/~1204 Euros per Adult, $499/~429 Euros for Ages 2-11 and $799/688 Euros for Ages 12-17. Includes Double Occupancy, and there is special pricing for single, triple, and quad rooms. Airfare isn’t included.

For additional information to book your next family Fiji trip, contact Beqa Lagoon at

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
In 2009,I quit everything to dedicate my days to diving. My passion is to help add water to peoples lives and laugh along the way. When I am not on land, you will find me diving in San Diego, traveling with kids, or exploring overhead environments. Stay inspired..and keep your toes wet!


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