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BESTDIVE Wetsuit Launches New Online Store with Worldwide Free Shipping in December


BESTDIVE, a popular wetsuit brand in Asia, is working toward becoming a globally recognized wetsuit brand.

Having been the sponsor for several editions of AIDA and CMAS Freediving World Championships over the last two years, BESTDIVE is rapidly gaining popularity among professional freedivers from various countries outside of Asia.

World-renowned athletes such as Alenka Artnik from Slovenia, Jennifer Wendland and Stefan Randig from Germany, France’s Stephane Tourreau, Switzerland’s Florian Burghardt, Hungary’s Fatima Korok, England’s Helena Bourdillon, Canada’s Sheena Mcnally, the USA’s Lance Lee Davis and Anas Chair from Morocco have all become  ambassadors for the company.

BESTDIVE’s products include:

The Showchi Smooth-Skin Wetsuit

BESTDIVE Showchi wetsuit
BESTDIVE Showchi wetsuit

The Showchi style is one of BESTDIVE’s most popular wetsuits. It has two customizable colors, four thickness options and 24 stock sizes. This is also Alenka Artnik’s favorite. She dove to 122 meters deep on one breath setting an astonishing female world record wearing this wetsuit. She says:

“I’ve been using BESTDIVE wetsuits since two years now and just simply love them. The material they use is soft and very flexible, giving me the right comfort I need for big dives. It keeps me warm and cozy.”

You can purchase it here.

Spearfishing Wetsuit

BESTDIVE Spearfishing Wetsuit
BESTDIVE Spearfishing Wetsuit

From tropical to ice water diving, this wetsuit has you covered (thickness range 2-9 mm). It’s available in 32 colors (including 26 solid and six camouflage colors). The suit is constructed with a nylon exterior for durability, and either an open-cell interior to prioritize warmth or a super-elastic lycra interior for easy donning. It’s easy to mix-match different sizes for your top and bottom to achieve the best fit.

You can buy it here.

The Zero Resistance Smooth-Skin Wetsuit

Designed and tested over two years by Dr. Jessea Lu, the company’s global spokesperson and world-record freediver, this 0.5-mm thin wetsuit is developed with specific, complex and hydrodynamic considerations conducive to peak performance in competitive freediving.

BESTDIVE wetsuit
BESTDIVE Zero Resistance Smooth-Skin Wetsuit

The wetsuit It has a smooth skin surface, negligible buoyancy, minimal stretch resistance and impressive durability. It not only reduces the weight required for a deep dive, but also enables the diver to feel the movement of water through the suit.

BESTDIVE bodysuit for women
BESTDIVE bodysuit for women

The extra thin material used when handmaking this suit requires extraordinarily skilled craftsmanship. Every suit is made-to-order and highly customizable.

You can buy it here.

BESTDIVE also has a selection of bodysuits for women – perfect for a day on the beach or a photoshoot in the water. You can buy the bodysuit here.

Additionally, the company is now offering worldwide free shipping on all purchases over US$200 (~€190) at their online store at Use the promo code FREESHIP2022 which is valid until Dec 31, 2022.

John Liang
John Liang
John Liang is the News Editor at He first got the diving bug while in High School in Cairo, Egypt, where he earned his PADI Open Water Diver certification in the Red Sea off the Sinai Peninsula. Since then, John has dived in a volcanic lake in Guatemala, among white-tipped sharks off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and other places including a pool in Las Vegas helping to break the world record for the largest underwater press conference.