Sunday, November 29, 2020

Blue Element Freediving To (Re)Introduce Their “Master Program”


.Jonathan Sunnex and his Blue Element Freediving school have introduced (or should we say re-introduced) the “Master Program”.

This is a program which has produced divers such as Jeanine Grasmeijer, Stig Pryds, Thomas Bouchard and many other top level competitors and safety divers!

Students attend for long term training, typically for the standard program, it is run over a 4 week period. It is ideal for those wanting to become competitors, safety divers and instructors, or for those who want to explore their capabilities and really experience the freediving lifestyle.

Jonathan Sunnex, aka Johnny Deep
Jonathan Sunnex, aka Johnny Deep

Various packages available, Master + AIDA 4 star, Master + AIDA 3&4 star, Master + AIDA 4 star and Instructor Course. Custom packages can also be put together on demand depending on your needs.

Accommodation options are available to suit all budgets – from as little as $100US per week or $250US per month.

More info and pricing at

Blue Element Freediving To (Re)Introduce Their "Master Program" 3
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