The final day of the AIDA 2016 Freediving World Pool Championships in Turku, Finland has brought more stunning performances and two new divers into the 300m club!

Greek Freediver Giorgos Panagiotakis was the first to set a New AIDA World Record with an epic 300m / 984ft Dynamic (DYN) dive.

Not to be outdone, Polish freediving superstar Mateusz Malina, who set a 244m Dynamic No-Fins (DNF) record only yesterday, also achieved the same incredible 300m / 984ft dive in the same discipline to share the World Record.

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Incredible performances by both athletes – six lengths of an Olympic 50m pool on a single breath!  Congratulations from the team.

UPDATE: 17:55 Sun 3 July – corrected order of records.

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