Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

Protecting your Ears

Protecting Your Ears

We all know that your ears can sometimes be the Achilles of your dive. Half way through the day your ears start getting “sticky”...

The Rest Of Us

New contributor and forum regular Rachel, talks about her exploits at becoming a Spearo
Dimitris Kollias

Deep Worldwide Magazine Founder Dimitris Kollias In Tragic Accident

Sad news coming from Greece as Deep Worldwide Founder Dimitris Kollias is reported in a critical condition

Shark Fishers Cast Off to Protect Ocean Predators

From National Geographic News: July 31, 2007—Even as overfishing has slashed many shark populations by as much as half, some fishers...
Three countries have already registered for the CMAS World Spearfishing Championship

Three countries registered so far for the 2016 CMAS World Spearfishing Championship

Three countries have already registered for the CMAS World Spearfishing Championship scheduled for this coming September, the Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activities and Sportfishing...

Does Spearfishing Contribute To The Loss Of Fish Stocks In Spain?

A lot of spearfishing advocates claim that their sport is more environmentally friendly because, unlike recreational or commercial fishermen who use hook-line-and-bait systems, the...
Being a Freediving and Spearfishing Brand Ambassador - FreediveUK

Can You Be A Freediving And Spearfishing Ambassador?

Ian Donald from FreediveUK has been in touch as he is a man on a mission.  That mission is to help grow Freediving and...

Spearfishing Legend Art Pinder Dies At 84

Art Pinder, the legendary spearfisherman, has died at the age of 84 at his home in Palm Bay, Florida. Pinder, along with his brothers, won...
Mares Shows Off Spearfishing Product Line At DEMA Show 2016

Mares Shows Off Spearfishing Product Line At DEMA Show 2016

While visiting the Mares booth at DEMA Show 2016, DeeperBlue.com had the chance to chat with Rick Trapp, Mares product manager and lab instructor...
Front Line Freediving showed off its Adventure Trauma Kit at Blue Wild Expo

From the Front Lines to the Deep Blue: Adventure Trauma Kit is a must...

One of the consequences of the numerous and seemingly unending wars the world has seen over the last 65 years is the many crossover...

The Dark Side Of Deep Spearfishing: The Reef

What happens when you type in 'extreme spearfishing' on YouTube?  Fantastic fish, clean waters, big guns. Almost all videos showcase us the moments that would...

The Ice is Nice: Come on In – Part I

Madman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, takes us to a place where the chosen are frozen.

Breath-Hold Diver Goes Nose-to-Nose with Sharks to Help Stop Shark Finning

Countries around the world are finally taking notice of the urgent need for shark protection. Ocean ambassadors like William Winram and Fred Buyle are doing their part as freedivers to document the reality and to debunk the myths.

Its Grim out there!

Well folks it has happened. Somebody has actually started listening to my noises from the deep! Over the comming months I should...
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