Curacao Punda DIVE Vibes Festival Announced

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The date for the Punda Dive Vibes event has been announced for this coming October.

The event is part of the 2019 edition of the annual Curaçao International Dive Festival. The event will take place in the historic Punda district of Curaçao’s capital of Willemstad. During the event, you can sample a piece of history, music, and a true taste of the Caribbean.

The special edition of the Punda Dive Vibes event will feature a Dive Marketplace, where you can meet dive operators and learn about reefs around the island. During the event, Schottegat Harbor Tours will also depart from the Iguana Café. The nominal fee for the tours will go toward sustainable tourism initiatives in Curacao.

Also, during the event, you can enjoy music and bands along the small streets, as well as meet local artists and their work and explore the local craft market.

Speaking about the event, Eugene Rhuggenaath, the Prime Minister of Curacao, stated:

“Diving in Curaçao is a million-dollar experience; we invite you to come #feelitforyourself!” 

The Punda DIVE Vibes event takes place on October 3rd, 2019, between 5 pm. and 10 pm.

You can check out a non-diver version of a Punda Vibes event below.