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Day 4 – Canary yellow high-gloss finish for visibility and style…

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After a quick look at the weather, we decide that Martin, Doc and Goh will head back to Cobalt Coast in the lee of the island for some shore dives. While they train from shore, the rest us will finish up modifications to the counter balance arm and any last minute preps to the sled.

After a quick inventory of our supplies and tools Spencer, Danny and I head off to hunter/gather what we need. By noon we’ve got a fully functioning custom sled and are starting on the arm. The sled was custom fabricated in Vancouver by Don at MHP Fabrications. The sled design is customized to be adjustable for arm and seat height, transportable so it all breaks apart into its fin bucket, camera sled friendly with an adjustable camera mount, and accomodating to both bi and mono-fins. Lastly it’s flashy with its canary yellow high-gloss finish for visibility and style :>)

In the afternoon Doc pulls up alone, he’s had a maxillary sinus squeeze above his left front teeth. During a 10m / 33ft negative pressure dive he suddenly felt a sharp pain and decided to abort training to get things checked out. Doc and I leave Spencer and Danny to finish the counter balance and go in search of Dr. Glatz, the island’s resident ENT and Team PFI’s specialist. Unfortunately he’s away for a couple days but fortunately we found Dr. Madden who phones in a prescription.

As the work day ends we’ve raised the counter balance arm 45cm / 18in. and we head back home for a late afternoon of emails. Later it’s off to an island favourite, Champion House, for some local Caribbean flavour.


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