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New Book Released on Freediving for Food

New Book Released on Freediving for Food

Ian Donald from FreediveUK has released a new book on freediving, sustainable marine foraging and spearfishing in British waters.  Readers will get an introduction to safe and sustainable spearfishing. It also includes a fish and plant species guide and cooking ideas for foraged foods.

Titled Underwater Foraging: Freediving For Food, the book guides readers through the history of freediving and its routes in underwater foraging, provides lessons in breath hold, relaxation and equalisation techniques for freediving – taking readers through the entire process in an easy to follow step by step manner, including exercises and training tips, according it’s author.

Donald, an AIDA Freediving Master Instructor and owner of FreediveUK as well as author of The Freediving Blog, decided to write the book he wanted to read when he began his freediving journey: “Over my years of freediving and underwater foraging I have gathered a wealth of knowledge but often it was hard to find, from many sources or purely from my own exploration — I wanted to provide people with a resource that would make the way of life I enjoy more accessible, and encourage people to get in the water to have fun but in a safe and informed way”.

The book is applicable to both beginning and experienced freedivers and Ian believes “the perfect gateway into the underwater world and the dining options that can be found right here in British waters.”

Underwater Foraging: Freediving For Food can be purchased on Amazon UK and at selected retail outlets.


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