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Freediving with NoTanx at the London International Dive Show

The UK Dive Shows have held a special place in The collective NoTanx heart for a few years, in 2008 we ran the first “Minute Challenge” : Hold your breath for a minute and win a Poster.

NoTanx LIDS 2013 Pool

This simple idea escalated to “The Total Immersion Freedive Experience” Following a 10 minute relaxation session, 12 members of the public held their breath whist watching a 3D Point of View Freedive film. (Note: 3D glasses were replaced by a 3D mask – for added effect!)

No Tanx LIDS 2013 - Freedive Experience

This year NoTanx put together the most exciting & inspiring programme yet. And as LIDS 2013 (London International Dive Show) has been billed as the testing ground – We can’t wait to see what they have planned for The Birmingham Dive show in October!

At LIDS 2013 NoTanx ran 2 separate events… Zero2Hero & Yoga for Scuba.

The Yoga sessions were self explanatory – 20 minutes of Yoga, designed by Freedivers for anyone, to help with SCUBA.

The Zero2Hero competition was a bit more in depth; 12 members of the public trained at NoTanx pool sessions with 4 competing in an AIDA Ranking Static Competition at LiDs. 1st prize = Egyptian Holiday.

“The objective of NoTanx has always been to widen participation of Freediving, by allowing anyone to learn, train and enjoy… so in association with Oonas Divers and O’Neill wetsuits we conceived The Zero2Hero competition.”

It was an idea supported by Diver Magazine, who ran the original advert to find the “Heroes”. “At this point it was just a set of names on an email, but we soon got to know them all and it became quite emotional”.

During 1 Yang and 1 Yin pool session the 12 competitors were whittled down to 6 who were invited to LIDS.

“The 4 Judges had a hard time deciding who should continue, as the criteria were ability to follow instructions, relaxation and progression and they all did fantastically well!

It was quite emotional as we delivered the verdict in true X-Factor style : ‘Unfortunately you guys will……… have buy a  travel card to get to Excel!’”

No Tanx LIDS 2013 - OK

At The London Dive show on Saturday the final 6 watched an international AIDA comp, took a yoga session and had their 1st static session in front of spectators. After which the final 4 “Heroes” were selected, each assigned a Mentor and lead through competition preparation and the Technical Details (Official Aida Judge’s briefing).

“Sunday morning was a picture of calm, all 4 Heroes had arranged a bespoke Yoga session with (DeeperBlue.com Author) Rebecca Coales followed by their own breath-up!”

By 9:30 they were all ready, and the Heroes stepped up 2 at a time, ably assisted by their own Adjutants and lead by their mentors to be judged!

AIDA rules were adhered to, so all 4 received AIDA ranking points with a white card each but they were held in suspense for a further 30minutes after the comp while the NT judges collated all their info and dives to select the winners.

Overall we had 140 People partake in Yoga each day… and

  • 1st : Sean Tuddenham (Egypt Holiday and Foundation Course)
  • 2nd : Zoe Strandquist (Foundation course and O’Neill wetsuit)
  • 3rd : Peter Ryder (O’Neill wetsuit)

No Tanx LIDS 2013 - Winner

Marcus Greatwood
Marcus Greatwoodhttp://www.notanx.com
Working with Loic Leferme & coaching numerous national & World Records (inc. Herbert Nitsch 214m in 2007) helped me develop a complete training system. The techniques I teach are used in a huge variety of situations as well as enjoying the Oceans such as athletes, scuba divers, golfers & martial artists. Always start with Breathing & Relaxation.Efficiency is found through Awareness. Our club, based on this system (NoTanx), has grown exponentially since 2000. Showing a huge appetite for enjoyment of being underwater, as well as developing good technique and personal well being. Recently we have developed Phreatic Diving Techniques in conjunction with Caving to access lakes deep underground.