Friday, July 19, 2024

Garmin Releases Mk3 Freediving Watch at DEMA Show 2023


Garmin has proven itself to be the leader of the pack when it comes to Freediving watches, and the new Descent MK3 is no exception.

The Descent MK3, released exclusively at DEMA Show 2023, is designed to support an athlete’s entire training regimen with a focus on preparation and a better understanding of one’s overall health.

Key Features include:

  • Available in two sizes (43mm and 51mm)
  • Dive Readiness – Metric summarization of data associated with Sleep, Exercise, Stress and, when applicable, Jetlag. Powered by Firstbeat Analytics, calculated via Body Battery energy monitoring.
  • Dive View Maps – Vivid Color Maps with depth contours and more that 4000 pre-loaded navigable near shore Dive sites.
  • Advanced Freediving Metrics – Variometer with alerts for every aspect of the dive.
  • Handsfree Built-in Flashlight (not to be used as primary source) *51mm (about 2.01 in) only
  • Multiple Dive Modes – Single and Multiple gas dives, gauged, apnea, spearfishing and closed circuit.
  • Upgraded Enhanced Subwave Sonar Technology
  • Wireless Air Integration (coming soon)
  • Bright 1.2”/30.48mm AMOLED color display, Sapphire lens with 200meter dive-rate casing, and metal leak proof buttons.
  • Up to 48 hours in Dive Mode Battery life
  • Built in 3 Axis Compass
  • Surface GPS
  • GPS Reference Navigation
  • inReach device paring
  • Upgraded Pulse Oximeter
  • SATIQ Technology GPS

The Descent MK3 will retail from US$1,199.99-1,599.99/~€1,106-~€1,475 and will be available in early 2024.

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Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan is the Founder of 321Freedive and creator of the 1st Freediving specific Conference in North America. Her passion for the gift in Freediving has led her to create Events and Outreach programs which consistently support safety centered educational opportunities.