Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Scuba DivingHow We Are Helping: AP Diving

How We Are Helping: AP Diving


Can the diving industry do something to help the oxygen levels in patients before they get to hospital? The folks at AP Diving think so.

They came up with a cheap adapter to allow O2 pin index regulators to be fitted to Scuba tanks to increase the availability of O2 in the community.

The adapter screws into your 1st stage and delivers O2 at 7-9 LPM depending on the inter-stage pressure. So many rebreather and advanced Nitrox divers are sitting on cylinders of 80-100% O2 and wouldn’t hesitate to give to a struggling relative if they only could.

AP Diving have produced and given away 400 of these already, with another 162 until they get more material. They have also given away the production drawing so it can be reproduced anywhere.

It saves having a dedicated medical regulator.

The flow rate was determined by a medical colleague who determined that anything over 5 LPM is beneficial but with C19 there’s no point in going above 10 as beyond that, the patient is likely to need assisted breathing.

To learn more, check out the AP Diving Facebook page.

John Liang
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