Lena Jovanovic Takes Two Titles for Serbia at LA Apnea Challenge

Serbian freediver Lena Jovanovic gets a helping hand from a world champion friend

The team captain for the Serbian freediving team going to the 2012 World Championships this September had a very good day yesterday. On August 4th Lena Jovanovic handily nabbed two Serbian national records in freediving at the LA Apnea Challenge pool competition. What’s more the event marked Lena’s first entrance at any pool event ever. “The pool is going to be uncomfortable. At first I was skipping it because I feel so good and I get so much joy from freediving in the ocean; I just knew the pool disciplines would not be as fun,” explained Jovanovic. “But then I decided to prepare for the discomfort by working in the pool with my friend Goran Colak and with coaching from Eric Fattah now I simply do it. You have to work through the discomfort and then you get there.”

Lena Jovanovic Takes Two Titles for Serbia at LA Apnea Challenge 1

And get there she did. Lena’s solid static performance of six minutes and :22 seconds clearly demonstrates her focus has paid off and with it she set a new record for Serbia. Jovanovic followed up her first title grab of the day by executing a very clean dynamic no-fins swim to 102 meters in one minute and :57 seconds, taking her total national record (NR) count to date up to 11.

“I’d like to thank my patient sponsors Agilos Solutions, Vacations Technology and Swish Suits!exclaimed Lena “with today’s performances under my belt I’m really looking forward to doing well in Dynamic tomorrow.”
Here’s looking forward to number 12.