MV Superior Producer Reopens For Diving

MV Superior Producer Shipwreck in Curaçao now open
MV Superior Producer Shipwreck in Curaçao now open

The Curaçao Port Authority has announced that the popular dive site the MV Superior Producer is now reopened for diving.

The famous Caribbean wreck has been off limits for a year, as a new mega pier was constructed nearby.

The wreck can often be found on a list of the top wrecks to dive around the world, along with the likes of the SS Thistlegorm and the USS Liberty.

The MV Superior Producer sank on September 30th, 1977, and now lays upright resting on her keel; she is 150m/500ft from shore and lies in approximately 30m/100ft of water. The ease of accessibility and relatively shallow depth have made the MV Superior Producer popular with divers of vastly different experience levels.

Check out a video of the MV Superior Producer below.