Monday, January 25, 2021
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Curacao Is Now Allowing Travelers From All Of The USA

Curacao has announced that it is open to travel for residents of every state in the USA from the beginning of the year.

When In Curacao, Check Out Ocean Encounters

Next time you're thinking of a dive trip to the southern Caribbean, be sure to check out Ocean Encounters at the LionsDive Beach resort in beautiful Curacao.

Registration Now Open For The Curaçao International Dive Festival

Registration is now open for the Curacao International Dive Festival.

The Dive Bus Curacao Expands Its Offerings

The Dive Bus Curacao expands its offerings at the Toronto outdoor show and the Beneath the Sea show.

Check Out This New Curacao Dive Travel Site

The Curacao Dive Task Force has announced a new website and launched fall dive specials.

Curaçao Dive Task Force Announces Interactive Dive Site Map

Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association Dive Task Force unveils its dive site of the month and an interactive map of the islands dive operators and dive sites.

Dive Into The 2018 Curaçao Dive Festival

You can bid for the trip of a lifetime aboard the submersible Curasub during the 2018 Curacao Dive Festival.

New Freediving Center Unveiled On Curaçao

A new freedivinng center on Curacao launches, Oceanquest Curaçao!

MV Superior Producer Reopens For Diving

The Curaçao Port Authority has reopened the famous shipwreck MV Superior Producer to divers.

Curacao Aims To Turn Invasive Lionfish Into A Sustainable Industry

Curacao is trying to turn the scourge of invasive lionfish into a sustainable industry.

Curacao Divers Team Up to Protect Their Reefs

Divers in Curacao combine forces to protect the island's reefs.

Dive Centres Band Together To Combat Marine Debris In Curacao

Curacao dive centres club together to combat the scourge of Marine debris

Curacao Coral Reef Restoration Effort Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

A coral restoration effort off the shores of the Caribbean island of Curacao celebrated its one-year anniversary last week. The effort began in May 2015...

Island Tec Retreats Has New 2016 Dates For Roatan, Palau

Remember back in June when reported on a group of dive resorts around the world offering a really cool series of technical diving...