New Children’s Online TV Show hits YouTube

Mermaid Linden
Mermaid Linden

A new Children’s Online TV Show “Mermaid Minute” hits YouTube today for the first time today.

The Mermaid Minute was dreamed up by real-life Mermaid, Ocean Advocate (and Contributor) Linden Wolbert. Her wish is that any child with computer access may enjoy free ocean education programming which teaches them to love, explore and protect our oceans! Children are often fascinated by the amazing world under the water’s surface. The Mermaid Minute series allows you to “sea” creatures and habitats in a fun and exciting new way….through the eyes of a mermaid! Drawings, HD video and photographs form a tapestry of underwater “edutainment” for children to enjoy at home or in the classroom!

New Children's Online TV Show hits YouTube 1

You can see the first episode below, check out the Mermaid Minute Website or YouTube Channel.