With the goal of expanding its global freediving program, NAUI Services Group and NAUI Worldwide have appointed Daniel Semrad II as the head of the agency’s global freediving program.

Semrad will be working alongside NAUI training director Terrence Tysall  to develop the various facets of the NAUI freediving program, including:

  • Standards and curriculum
  • Training
  • Member recruitment
  • e-learning support and development
  • Implementing and developing support and materials for NAUI members

Semrad is one of NAUI’s most accomplished instructors and holds professional certifications from Performance Freediving International, Scuba Schools International, and NAUI. He was the first NAUI instructor certified through the collaboration between NAUI and PFI.

Commenting on his new role, Semrad stated:

“I am excited to be able to help build the NAUI Freediving program into a global presence in the diving world. This freedive training continues the NAUI tradition of exceeding standards and providing the highest quality training.”

Find out more about NAUI freedive courses here.

NAUI has appointed Daniel Semrad II as the agency's new freediving coordinator.
NAUI has appointed Daniel Semrad II as the agency’s new freediving coordinator.

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