Paralenz Contributes To Dive Safety

Paralenz Unveils Dive Camera+
Paralenz Dive Camera+ with accessories

Three divers recently had a scare during a 25-meter/82-foot, cold-water wreck dive when during their ascent, two of them wound up surfacing more quickly than planned.

As the dive boat sped them back to shore, the dive leader was able to transfer the data on his Paralenz dive camera — specifically the incorporated depth sensor — to his smartphone via wifi, take screenshots of the dive profile and share that information with medical personnel once they got to the hospital.

According to a Paralenz blog post:

“Although most new models of dive computer have the capability to download dive profile information, many of them require cables or Bluetooth adaptors, and not all of the associated logging software is compatible with smartphones. With the Paralenz, this information, along with the overlay of depth and temperature, can be made immediately available. Furthermore, video footage of the incident could potentially help to save lives.”

Check out the full story on the Paralenz website.