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Pipin Ferreras Responds to ESPN Film and Announces New Dives


Pipin Ferreras, the husband of the late Audrey Mestre, had initially refused to be involved with the recent ESPN documentary covering the death in 2002 of Audrey.  However after the significant interest generated from the film Ferreras has taken to FaceBook to announce his perspective on the documentary:

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the documentary, “No Limits”, which was aired on ESPN last night. I am very grateful to all of you for expressing solidarity with me, and I am sorry you had to sit and listen to the terrible lies that were told. I did not agree with what ESPN was planning to do and declined to participate in the documentary. I also repeatedly told them not to use my footage, or risk legal action if they did. Now, I have no choice but to seek legal remedy against the producer Gary Cohen, ESPN who aired the show, and all the networks that illegally sold them my footage.

I have been silent for a long time, but I am ready to speak out. You deserve the truth, and it will come out very soon. I have footage that was shot on the day of the event that clearly shows what happened. And I had also previously hired a team of private investigators who provided me with a lot of helpful information. Soon I will be exposing the truth and clearly identifying the people who not only caused Audrey’s death but also put my life in danger that day.

He also has announced a new series of dives and documentary called “The Challenge of Science” where he is going to attempt 5 dives below 100m in 30 minutes before then going on to attempt a 170m no-limits dive:

My wife’s death was a tragedy that took me years to recover from. But now I am ready to dive again and also to expose the truth for the whole world to see. I will do that in the new documentary I am creating called, “The Challenge of Science: 15 Years Later”. In October, I will go on an expedition to Cabo San Lucas to perform the Second Audrey Memorial Dive. Scientists and medical experts will study me for 3 weeks while I train for the dive, and everything will be captured on film for the documentary, which will also tell the real story about Audrey’s death.

The Freediving community has been polarized by this announcement, both in discussion around the safety of doing consecutive deep dives in 30 minutes as well as his involvement with the failures in safety that led to Audrey Mestre’s death in 2002.

What are your thoughts?  Let us know via the comments below or via the Forum Thread.


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The Challenge of Science - Pipin Ferreras

Pipin Ferreras Responds to ESPN Film and Announces New Dives 4
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  1. Pipin has a lot of explaining to do–let’s hear it. I expect smoke and mirrors and that he wants to exploit the exposure opportunity, but it will be interesting.

  2. Pipin you are an egomaniac that cost your wife her life. When James Cameron came for your dive on the 1-year anniversary of Audrey Mestre’s death, how many safety divers did you have that day?

  3. …What an ass. I met this guy in person and observed while he and Audrey did some “fun” freedives for children while filming for a documentary. He truly is a self-absorbed, all-controlling, egotistical maniac….Zero Respect, Pipin. Your irresponsible approach to freediving is certainly disheartening to those of us promoting safety in the sport.

  4. If my spouse will be diving, I would make sure the tank/instrument that will take her back to the surface is FULL. I would personally make sure of it. And I will make sure that there’s lots and enough safety divers.
    You are not just her trainer. You are her husband!

    • I think Kaye he was personally making sure, making sure of a dramatic story by deliberately leaving his wife deep without air to inflate.. and his ego still needs feeding by wanting all our attention and respect again as if we can’t see through his fake maniac lies.

      • Don’t forget that Audrey showed up with bruises and black eyes form time to time AND the return line was so worn the teflon was missing. If you loved your free diving wife why would you send her into the water with damaged equipment AND an empty air tank. He is a murderer plain and simple and he has NO right to be in the pages of this website.
        Just my option however I am sure it is a shared one.

  5. Pipin I have read BOTH books written about Audrey ‘ s death and you should be ashamed of one else. You need to be man enough to admit your responsibility in the loss. But then again you were going to lose her anyway…weren’t you. Death was the more PROMOTIONAL way than divorce right? You are an egotistical narcissist jerk
    and she deserved better. Teresa

    • Bravo Teresa! He was bound to kill her one way or another and he should be in jail NOT in a well respected freedive forum.

  6. Why do you cover this murderer? He should be in jail with a life sentence. He is no freedive “legend”.
    Deeper Blue has lost a subscriber here.

  7. He took years to recover from his wife’s death. Is that why just one year later he dove and set the world record with various hollywood celebrities at the event? It is clear to me that he killed his wife on purpose. You dont just overlook to check if the baloon air tank is full. Its not a minor check someone can forget to make. When he realised what he actually did he felt remorse and dove in to try and save her. But he did want to murder her. Slimy slimy man who then rode on his celebrity and never paid the price for what he did. I still hope one day he will be exposed for the scum he is.


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