The most recent episode of AT&T’s AUDIENCE Network’s original documentary series, “Religion of Sports,” debuted last week with a focus on freediving.

Co-Produced by Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots American football team, and National Football League Hall of Fame Defensive End Michael Strahan, the series highlights various cultural and historical experiences in sports across the globe, from famous rivalries to unforgettable hardships.

Last week’s episode highlighted the world of freediving. The fifth episode of Season 3 highlights Russian world champion freediver Alexey Molchanov as he shares the impact that freediving, his mother, and the community of freedivers has had in his journey of becoming a world record holder.

The episode goes into the importance of community among freedivers and how it is like an extended family with plenty of support and friendship. Molchanov also shares the background of his mother and former coach, Natalia Molchanova, as she went missing after a tragic freediving experience with friends, and how that has ultimately left a void in his life.

Check out the trailer from last week’s episode below.

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