Shark Shield eaten by Great White Shark

The Australian reports:

A Shark Shield designed to deter and fend off sharks has failed to show its deterrent properties while it was promptly devoured by a Great White Shark off the shores of South Africa.

A report has been heard that the Shark Shield surf model was activated ona float carrying bait when a 3.6m female shark approached. The shark bit into it. 

South Australian Deputy State Coroner Tony Schapel yesterday heard ofthe test failure during the inquest into the death of Jarrod Stehbens,who was taken by a great white shark while diving off Glenelg in SouthAustralia in 2005. The inquest of the Shark Shield has turned into a trial of these devices, hearingconcerns that the electronic fields generated to repel sharks mayattract them.

Rod Hartley, director of Sea Change Technology, which manufactures theShark Shields, has allegedly taken the stand to defend his product.

Mr Hartley has said the failed South African test on the surf unit – whichhas been held back from release into the marketplace – was due to aproblem with the electrode’s configuration. The device was now packagedwith a large disclaimer warning it would only repel sharks when thesurfer was still in the water waiting for a wave.