Sunday, May 9, 2021

Solomons to offer Monofin Clinic


Aharon and MT Solomons are giving Freedivers the totally unique opportunity to work in the pool with two of the leading Russian monofin coaches from one of the Russian national teams followed by Fixed Weights training and technique under the supervision of Aharon and MT as well as the Russian coaches.This is a comprehensive workshop that will include the following:

1) 8 days in the pool, twice a day for two hours

2) 3 days Fixed Weights Line work

3) 8-10 people maximum

The dates for the sessions are currently Monday 16th September to Monday 23rd (pool work) Then, transfer to Paxos on Tuesday 24th(coach and ferry). Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th will be fixed weights Freediving.

There will also be an option to extend the freediving dates for deep sessions for those interested.

The price has yet to be fixed but will be in the region of 600 Euro per person for 11 days training and DOES NOT include accommodation or travel.

For more information goto the Freedivers website at

Solomons to offer Monofin Clinic 3
Stephan Whelan
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